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LEAF-VRE Docusaurus Tutorial


Before we meet

For more detailed instructions, see the LINCS Maintenance Guide.

  1. Confirm you can log into GitLab; you already have an account
    • Diane = @djakacki1
    • Carolyn = @carolynsblack
    • Susan = @SusanIreneBrown
    • James = @jamescummings
  2. Download Git​
  3. Download VS Code​
  4. Download Node.js​
  5. Create and Link an SSH Key to GitLab​

Before you start writing documentation

  1. Learn Markdown​
  2. Add markdownlint Plugin to VS Code​ [Optional]
  3. Add Docs to Markdown Plugin to Google Docs [Optional]
  4. Use Docs to Markdown Plugin in Google Docs [Optional]

Tutorial topics

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Create an issue
  3. Create a merge request
  4. Create a markdown file
  5. Organize the files