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The LEAF team is committed to supporting potential users through training and consulation: we want to help you find ways for LEAF and LEAF-Writer to work for your needs.


The standalone LEAF-Writer is a powerful semantic editor that is a great choice tool for editors who want to focus on the meaning in their texts rather than learn complex coding languages. It is web-based, so can be easily integrated into collaborative editorial workflows. And because it is free, with no usage fees or proprietary software to download, it is ideal for classroom use!

Getting Started

If you're interested in getting started with LEAF-Writer, watch one of our video tutorials Tutorial, Part 1 and Tutorial, Part 2, or follow along with our Step-by-Step instructions.


The feature-rich LEAF virtual research environment is a flexible platform designed for complex research and publication. It enables more scholars, teachers, and students to take part in digital knowledge production and collaboration, and promotes data linking and sharing across the web.

To get a sense of what LEAF can do, watch this video, or experiment in the LEAF sandbox.

Peer-training and consultation

Members of the LEAF team offer workshops at conferences and to small groups - in person and via teleconferencing. If you are interested in talking to one of us about how LEAF can work for you, []

Workshops and Presentations


  • DH2022: Tokyo, Japan - July 2022
  • TEI 2022: Newcastle, UK - September 2022
  • Bucknell University - December 2022


  • Modern Language Association Conference: San Francisco - January 2023
  • Université de Montreal - Februrary 2023
  • DH@Guelph - May 2023
  • CSDH2023, Toronto, Canada - May 2023
  • DHSI@Congress, Toronto, Canada - June 2023
  • DHSI Atlantic, Cork, Ireland - June 2023
  • DH2023: Graz, Austria - July 2023