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LEAF Commons

The LEAF Commons provides a suite of interoperable tools to support textual scholarship, ranging from transcriptions or editions of digitized manuscripts or books to born-digital anthologies, collections, and long-form arguments. Publication is possible through multiple routes, and code repositories can be used for collaboration and hosting. The LEAF Commons tools:

  • LEAF-Writer for rich semantic encoding of texts using the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines, with the options to add linked data identifiers or web annotations.
  • LEAF-Turning Engine for transforming texts for import or export from LEAF-Writer.
  • Dynamic Table of Contexts e-reader for publishing online interactive editions that unlock the semantic markup of a text to enhance findability, navigation, readability, and analysis.
  • Coming next: the improved Named Entity Recognition Vetting Environment (NERVE)

All Commons tools are open-source and designed to be easily adopted into other software stacks or extended to suit specific needs.