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Create a Collection

To create a Collection within a Project (or user workspace), go to the "Nodes" tab

  1. Choose "Add New Content"

  2. Choose "Group node (Repository Item)"

  3. Fill out the pertinent metadata fields, making sure that:

    1. From "Resource Type" choose "Collection" from the dropdown menu
    2. From "System/Model" choose "Collection" from the dropdown menu
  4. Save

Add Items to a Collection

A Repository Item can be added to a Collection in one of two ways:

  1. When creating a Repository Item: when filling out metadata fields look for System/Member of.
    1. Type the name of the Collection and Save.
  2. From within the Collection in "About/Specifications" choose "Edit" next to Pages
    1. Choose "Add Child" and then fill in the metadata fields as you would for any other Repository Item.

Publish a Collection

By default Collections are 'published'. If you want to make a Collection private, edit the Collection repository item and uncheck the "Published" checkbox.


  • A Collection can only contain repository items (includingotherCollections). A Basic Page cannot be contained by a Collection.
  • A Collection is 'owned' by one user, but depending on permissions items can be added to a Collection by any person who has permission to do so
  • A Collection (and the repository items it contains) cannot belong to multiple projects/groups, but a Collection can be transferred from one project to another by users who have permissions to do so.